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Our approach.

Access to a full-service marketing and communications team

We believe that consistency is the key to brand awareness, and our team brings a holistic and strategic approach to the marketing and communications activities of its customers in the oil and gas sector. 

Our clients are often at an inflection point in their business, knowing that they need to focus on their marketing and communications activity to grow, but finding themselves without the time or internal resources to do so. 

Rather than offering clients a single piece of the marketing puzzle, we work in partnership with our clients, operating as an extension to their business and bringing them continuous access to a full-service marketing and communications team.

Our work isn't just executed, our approach is relationship-first. The team focuses on understanding our clients' businesses, ensuring the company's marketing and communications activities are directly aligned with their business goals.

Why clients love us

1. Time

There is never enough of it. We help clients protect the time of other business functions and key individuals within the organization by taking care of the marketing and communications. No more juggling, we get our work done so that you can too.

2. Cost

While it is never to be underestimated and a constant challenge for all businesses, cost is unavoidable. Our partnership approach takes the pressure off your overheads while giving you access to a multi-disciplinary team.

3. Quality

Great people are hard to find but don't worry,  we've searched for the best. Working with us gives you access to proven expertise so you can be assured of a quality output.

4. Consistency

We love the word. Consistent delivery, branding, messaging - our plans are tailored and consistent to your brand, and we consistently follow through to execution.

5. Reliability

Once you partner with us, we are there for you. We will set clear goals and objectives to be measured by and are always on hand to offer support.

6. Flexibility

Work with us on a long-term basis or scale up and down as required.

7. Perspective

Being external we will always provide fresh, unbiased opinions and a new perspective on your business.

8. Speed

Projects get completed on time, hitting targets, no need to miss the boat or deal with the frustration of delays.

9. Trust

We are honest, transparent and pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients.

10. Recommended

We love what we do and who we do it with. We are proud to have grown through reputation and recommendation. Here's why:

"Project Neon do a fantastic job providing us with flexible, yet dependable support. They have quickly established themselves as part of the Neodrill teamand have proven to be committed, switched on, creative and focused. All work is delivered on time and they are pleasant to work with. There's no doubt they perform excellent work and I am highly recommending them to people I meet who want assistance with their marketing."

Jostein Aleksandersen, CEO, Neodrill

"Project Neon understand the importance of branding and marketing to us as a company and they ‘get’ what we are all about at Marwell. Focusing on clear and concise communication is key to us and this is reflected in their approach."

Mike Williamson, General Manager, Marwell

"We have worked with Project Neon for some time now, as I knew Laura from Archer, where she did an outstanding job on their branding. Project Neon are great when it comes to websites, investor presentations, press releases, etc. They are quick, reliable and commercially competitive. Reelwell will continue to use Project Neon for all their marketing needs."

Jørgen Peter Rasmussen, Executive Chairman, Reelwell

"The team at Project Neon have been key in supporting Reelwell’s journey and industry presence: allowing us to focus on developing our technologies and growing our business whilst accessing their expertise in MarComms and Branding. We appreciate the close working relationship and alignment with our strategic goals and requirements."

Ian Silvester, CEO, Reelwell

"Given we deliver our superior products to 29 countries, we have a global footprint! This led us to expand our organization and strengthen our visual identity, putting more of a focus on strategic marketing. Our plans to bring in a marketing employee/manager changed from recruiting a person, to hiring Project Neon as our ‘employee’. Our continued support from Project Neon has definitely helped our company’s professionalism and visibility in the market place."

Espen Sørbø, CEO, Ace Oil Tools

“Thank you Project Neon, for your excellent advice and support in relation to the Cegal 2025 vision and strategy. Your contribution to developing the story and design has really made a difference. It was recognized and appreciated both by our employees and customers.”

Nina Fiskaaen, CSO, Cegal

Stand out from the crowd.


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