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Improving user experience with a Website refresh

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Neodrill revamped their website to effectively showcase their technology, optimized content, and improve user experience.


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Neodrill reimagine structural well foundations. Their patent-protected Conductor Anchor Node (CAN) technology is used extensively for both exploration and production wells to reduce emissions, costs, and risk. The company employ around 20 people and are based in Stavanger, Norway.

Neodrill’s previous website had evolved and grown over the years. However, like many evolving sites, the Neodrill management team, realised that site was no longer helping clients easily understand Neodrill and the CAN family of solutions. As a result, they wanted a stronger solution.

We took a fresh look at the site structure and determined the best customer journey. We integrated more imagery and videos into the site to help convey the scale and application of the technology. We also re-wrote or generated the content of the site to ensure the company’s value proposition was clearly communicated. Finally, we built the site with SEO (search engine optimisation) in mind, ensuring it meets SEO best practises and is set up to support ongoing SEO efforts.

Neodrill launched a new website which better reflected their product portfolio, aiding user understanding. The site contains more CTA (calls to action) and cross page navigation to enhance the user experience and journey. Overall, they have a stronger website to help business development going forward.

We also helped them communicate the website launch on LinkedIn.

"We are happy with the appearance of the new web pages and look forward to see the effect of increased visibility with our clients."

Jostein Aleksandersen, CEO

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