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Next event | 21 September 2023 | 7 PM

Inside Stavanger Oilers: Building a community  

 Joining us on Thursday 21 September, for a captivating fireside chat is Eirik Hogstad, Kommersiell Leder and brand and relationship builder for the hockey powerhouse, Stavanger Oilers! 

Eirik will be talking about building a culture and community around the passion for hockey from a communication and brand marketing perspective.

Join us as they dive into the heart of building a vibrant hockey community, sharing insights, challenges, and stories that'll light up your passion for the game. This is a chat you won't want to miss! See you at Neon Nights.


Get ready for an epic conversation!

Our very own Sven Houston, the maestro behind 8 years of marketing at Heart of Midlothian Football Club, will lead a dynamic fireside chat

with Eirik Hogstad.

Eirik Hogstad.jfif
Eirik Hogstad

Kommersiell Leder Stavanger Oilers

Sven Project Neon
Sven Houston

Project Neon

Team Lead

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About Neon Nights

At Project Neon, we place a strong emphasis on human connections and the sense of community.

As a communications and marketing agency, we understand the importance of socializing and networking.

That's why we aim to serve as a gathering place for professionals to share and learn from one another's backgrounds and experiences. To further this goal, we plan to open our agency doors and host interactive talks, with special guests and speakers to make each event engaging and informative and that encourage open discussions on a variety of topics.

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