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Laura Lewis & Rebecca Fleming - Project Neon

This is my first week back at work after baby #2 and excitingly it’s my first week with my new business partner!

After setting up my business 2 years ago, being on maternity leave again gave me a chance to reflect on the business I was building. It had been a long term dream of mine to set up my own business so why was I not loving it more? One afternoon I took a long walk with my husband and he started asking some tough questions and made me really look at myself and the business (I wasn’t hugely grateful at the time as some of it was tough to hear and accept) however, it made me realise and accept some home truths:


Running your own business can be lonely and I didn’t really enjoy that aspect. As a naturally sociable person I missed the human interaction. I love meeting my clients but I missed the drive I get from working with people towards a shared goal or purpose.


I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of or a sparring partner to push me. Both strategically and creatively I know that I like to be challenged and discussing ideas really helps to evolve my thinking; fundamentally it makes me better and produces better results.


I discovered that it’s easy to become self-critical and slightly paralysed with self-doubt. I’m a fairly confident person, I like what I do and I believe I’m good at it, yet there would be times I’d question myself and with no other perspective, I was holding myself and my business back.

So bring on the business partner!

After meeting at a networking event 2 years ago, Rebecca and I have got to know each other well – an important fact when changing your business headcount from 1 to 2! She was running her own consultancy in Stavanger and her own international experience in the Financial Services sector really complimented my experience from a strategical thinking perspective - we’d find ourselves discussing company business models over coffee! She is also an incredible illustrator and artist (seriously check out @becs_fleming_artist and @becca_bear_designs on Instagram). While I love branding and design, I can’t operate the tools of the trade with proficiency; therefore her design ability is something I felt would really enhance the company. The decision to work together has happened organically over the last 7 months.

So this week I’m excited to head to work; confident in my new business partner, confident in myself and confident in the business we are going to build. #wegotthis


About Project Neon:

As a key to business success, we support our client's growth by ensuring that marketing doesn't fall off the to-do list, or become an "I'll sort that tomorrow" activity. We work with start-up's, small businesses and even international players who don't have an internal resource or just need a helping hand. If there are tasks to complete we'll do the running, we deliver.

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