An easy and affordable approach to websites – 6 reasons we love WIX

Often the word ‘website’ can have management teams fearing the impending cost, yet equally the necessity of having a professional and strong online presence cannot be denied. As a result, we work with many customers to improve the branding, content and general user experience of their website without wiping out their marketing budget in the process. #affordablewebsite

Neither of us are coders but today you don’t need to be proficient in HTML web coding to produce a sleek, professional and valuable website as there are many tools out there to help to assist in web building. Having worked with a few, our preferred web builder is WIX. #recommended

WIX is a free to use website builder* which gives you the option of starting from scratch or adapting one of the many templates they have available. The WIX editor lets you drag and drop all elements of your site so you can easily change images, layouts, colour palettes – basically any aspect of the website you want, to ensure your site is unique to you. This flexibility, along with the fact it’s easy to use is one of the main reasons why we love it. Here are 5 other reasons we like WIX:

1. #Responsive design - Sites built through WIX are responsive, meaning they automatically adapt for different screen sizes. WIX also has a mobile editor (as far as we are aware it’s the only free website builder with a dedicated mobile editor), so you can edit your site to optimise how it will look on a mobile. Today 52.2% of web traffic is viewed on a mobile device (Statista 2018), with that figure increasing for younger demographics, so it’s vital that we make your site look as good on a phone as the screen.

2. Lots of #functionality – with the ability to plug in multiple apps to your website, all business requirements can be catered for, whether its ecommerce solutions, blog posts, event calendars, forums, chat functionality or social media integration, we can ensure the site has the functionality you need.

3. #Easy for clients to use - the simple content management system means that once we have created the site, clients can easily do quick updates or add news items to the site independently. Obviously, we can continue to update the site as required but clients aren’t tied to a system that required coding intervention and expensive web design time.

4. #SSL Certificate built in – SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is the backbone of the secured Internet. It ensures that the connection between a user’s web browser and your website is secure and encrypted so that the user’s information is protected. Even if your website doesn’t handle sensitive customer data, such as bank or medical information, with data protection at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s useful for users to see that they are using a secured website and at no risk of compromising their data.

5. It’s #proven – WIX is one of the most popular website builders globally with 100 million users worldwide. This means that all the tools, apps and integrations are tried and tested over millions of sites, there’s no experimenting, it works, giving us the confidence to offer this tool to clients.

Here are some examples of sites we’ve built with WIX: If you’d like to chat more about WIX or your web requirements, then just give us a shout. #getintouch #happytohelp

*Although WIX is free to use, there are costs associated with hosting the site and a monthly or annual subscription is required to link your own domain, remove WIX branding from the site and – therefore all businesses need to pay a small fee for use of WIX.

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