Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Firstly, I’m sorry if you have that annoying TV theme tune going round in your head now!!

The point of this post isn’t to get you singing, it’s to let you know that we have a new office space. Project Neon is now located in the awesome Innovation Dock co-working space in Stavanger.

We’ve chosen to park our bums here as Innovation Dock is a hive of entrepreneurs and exciting growth companies, and the management team here have passion and determination to create an ecosystem that will make everyone thrive.

These rather funky offices are located on the edge of the water with stunning views of the fjords. It is not a hardship turning up here every day with boats sailing by and watching the shadows roll over the mountains. The offices are also in an up-and-coming part of Stavanger city centre, which is full of energy, new businesses, cafes etc.

We’ve only been here for one week but already we are enjoying the energy, networking opportunities and buzz around the place.

So if you’re in Stavanger, come and say hi. We’ll challenge you to find the secret meeting room in our office!

Project Neon

Innovation Dock

Bryggerikaien 16

Stavanger, 4014

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About Project Neon:

As a key to business success, we support our client's growth by ensuring that marketing doesn't fall off the to-do list, or become an "I'll sort that tomorrow" activity. We work with start-up's, small businesses and even international players who don't have an internal resource or just need a helping hand. If there are tasks to complete we'll do the running, we deliver.

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