Why translation services matter

Thanks to the wonders of technological advances, the business world gets even smaller and never before has it been so important to connect with all your customers as it is today.

If you’ve ever tried to do business in another country, been an expat, or simply on holiday trying to locate a service or information, then you’ll likely have encountered this situation before. You access a website, only to struggle to find the English translations, or to find that only a small proportion of ‘essential’ pages have been translated. Whilst you might be able to find what you’re looking for, all too often it is hard to locate, hard to understand, or only partially available. #livingwithgoogletranslate

We all want to feel valued and considered as customers and in an age of unprecedented choice, customers won’t hang around if you don’t connect with them. It’s got to be easy to do business with you, or they’ll go elsewhere. As businesses internationalise, reaching wider audiences effectively is critical to gaining and retaining a following. #growyourbusiness

In 2017, immigration to Norway totaled 884k people, or 16.8% of the population (Office of National Statistics, Norway). That’s a significant potential market that may not speak the local language, but has just as much desire to be able to interact with their new surroundings. The most effective way businesses can connect with this significant proportion of the market, is by investing in good quality translations of their websites. #investintranslations

Having been an expat for many years, there’s little that’s more alienating than not being able to access basic information. This section of the population should not be an ‘after-thought’ for companies – often they have significant spending power and are likely to offer their business to those companies that have clearly considered their international demographic.

One of the areas that we specialise in, is taking websites that have either already been translated, or those that are looking to open up to a wider audience, and putting the wording into clear, natural English. Whilst a non-native speaker may be able to translate the wording literally, it will rarely have the ‘flow’ of a native-speaker. This can make a huge difference when connecting with potential and existing customers.

So if you’re thinking about opening up your business and connecting with your international customers, we can offer translation and naturalisation services from a variety of languages, into English. Get in touch to find out more about our services.

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