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Valentina Casasola
jun 20
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If you had told the younger me, fresh out of musicology studies fifteen years ago, that I’d end up in Norway working for a marketing & comms agency specializing in energy, I’d have laughed you out of the room.

Hi, I’m Valentina, an Italian ex-pianist and musicologist, now the proud mother of three-year-old little dragon. Back in 2021 I decided to move to this beautiful corner of the world to live out my dream of embracing the Nordic lifestyle.

So, from Music and musicology (If you’re wondering what the heck is musicology, look here!) to marketing & comms  – how that happened?

My first significant job after finishing my studies was with one of the top grand and concert piano producers in the world. I started as an assistant in their marketing & comms office, eventually moving to their showroom in the heart of Milan, Italy. There, I managed events, brand initiatives and collaborated with institutions, theatres, municipalities but also handled the website content, social media channels, and external communications. It was an incredible experience, working within the arts and music sphere, and meeting talented artists from around the globe.

For various reasons, I decided to leave that “dream job” and switch industry. I then worked for two major international cosmetics companies in their communications, events, and marketing teams. These roles significantly bolstered my expertise in comms, digital marketing, and social media. As a communications coordinator, I was involved in regional strategy, marketing & comms planning, organizing large events, and collaborating with colleagues from the US, IMED and EMEA regions. I learned invaluable lessons from my managers (one in particular!), especially about the difference between leadership and mere bossing. True leaders, I discovered, are indeed a rare find.

My last job before Project Neon was with a company headquartered in the USA, which allowed me to work from home and move to Norway. Balancing professional and personal life in a new country with a one-year-old child was tough, and I felt completely lost. I needed to find myself again, which led me to find a job here and eventually to Project Neon.

Starting with ONS ‘22, I had a lot to learn about the oil and gas industry’s technologies, but I thrive on challenges. The international team at Project Neon, with their diverse backgrounds, provided a rich learning environment. I began as a Digital Marketing & Events Coordinator and eventually moved up to Key Account Manager, always overseeing marketing and communications.

At Project Neon, I maintain key client relationships, develop social media strategies (especially on LinkedIn), write copy, manage social media campaigns, oversee website content, and project manage events and exhibitions, including my “baby”—as Laura calls it—our own event series, Neon Nights. I like collaborating with the team to help clients achieve their goals, but what I enjoy most is being a problem solver. Whether marketing a product or service, understanding the client’s target market and crafting compelling messages is essential. It requires a lot of digging, researching, and learning.

Working in an agency is a constant source of inspiration, with different clients, projects, and problems to solve. It keeps my creativity on its toes. I hold myself and my work to very high standards, always striving to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

These high standards also apply to my personal life. I’m a quality-over-quantity kind of person, valuing a few good friends over many acquaintances. I’m very social but open up completely only with the right people. And yes, the music you listen to can indeed be a deal-breaker for our friendship. Jokes aside, in my younger years I used to be a hardcore punk-emo scenester in Italy, hanging out with friends who knew every niche record label by heart. I still have trouble relating to people who just listen to whatever’s on the radio.

Aside from music, I love going to the cinema, watching movies and TV series, and reading books. Lately, I’ve been diving into ancient Greek philosophy. If I had the time and energy, I’d love to get a degree in philosophy. The term “philosophy” means “love of wisdom,” and ever since high school, I’ve been fascinated by the reasoning behind each philosopher’s thoughts. Exploring the meaning of existence and the limits of human knowledge is endlessly intriguing to me.

And what better way to reflect on life’s big questions than by taking a walk-through Norway’s breathtaking landscapes? The beauty of this country offers the perfect backdrop for deep contemplation or simply embracing the moment. And that’s life—at its core, a tapestry of simple yet unforgettable moments and experiences that shape who you are.

– Valentina

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