Awards season: why and where to apply for energy sector awards

Laura Lewis
mar 12
4 min read

In Hollywood the awards season may be coming to an end, but in the energy sector it’s all go!

This week the Offshore Achievement Awards took place in Aberdeen and ONS announced that the application portal for the ONS Innovation Awards is now open.

ONS Innovation awards, Stavanger 2024

Some of our clients are previous award winners and industry accolades like this can really help highlight emerging technologies. In addition, awards can help companies:

Increase credibility
Winning awards can significantly enhance a company’s credibility within the energy sector and beyond. It demonstrates to stakeholders, clients, and partners that the company is at the forefront of innovation and leading positive change in the industry.

Stand out
In a crowded marketplace, receiving industry accolades can help a company stand out from competitors. Being recognized for groundbreaking developments or initiatives highlights the company’s unique value proposition and sets it apart as a leader in the field.

Create great PR & marketing opportunities
Awards provide excellent material for PR and marketing campaigns, allowing companies to generate positive publicity and raise awareness about their achievements. Whether through press releases, social media announcements, or feature articles, winning awards can amplify a company’s visibility and reputation.

Boost morale internally
Earning recognition through awards not only celebrates the company’s success but also boosts morale among employees. It validates their hard work, fosters a sense of pride in their contributions, and motivates them to continue innovating and striving for excellence.

Attract talent or investment
For companies looking to attract top talent or secure investment, awards serve as powerful endorsements of their potential and credibility. Being recognised for innovation and contributions to energy transition can attract skilled professionals who are passionate about working for a forward-thinking organisation, as well as investors who see value in supporting sustainable initiatives.

Over the next few months, it’s also going to be possible to apply for these well recognized sector awards:

Hart Energy ESG Awards – deadline 5 April 2024
Open to producers, operators, services companies and midstream companies in the oil and gas industry, these awards recognise organisations for their environmental, social, governance or overall ESG impacts and accomplishments.

More information:

ONS Awards – deadline 22 May 2024
First launched in 1982, these well-established awards recognise cutting-edge technology and solutions in the energy sector. Submissions are now open.

More information:

ADIPEC Awards – deadline TBC
It’s possible to register your interest now, to be kept up to date with the awards details. These awards recognise the pioneers driving transformative change toward a sustainable future. Since ADIPEC is the biggest event in the Middle East, they are not to be missed if this is a key sector for your company.

More information:

Gulf Energy Excellence Awards – deadline 12 July
With categories across upstream, midstream and downstream, these US based awards recognise and celebrate cutting-edge technological developments and exceptional leadership in the industry.

More information:

Hydrogen awards – deadline 27 November
For those operating in this emerging sector, these awards have been launched to recognise enterprise, innovation and excellence in relation to bringing hydrogen to market, across various sectors.

More information:

Platts Global Energy Awards – deadline TBC

Having run for 25 years, these awards honor organisations and individuals in the energy industry who are dedicated to achieving excellence. The 2024 entry page is not live yet but we anticipate award entries being opened in the summer. Keep an eye on the website.

More information:

If the prospect of applying for an industry award appeals to you, but you don’t know where to start with the application, then please reach out. We’ve supported many clients with award entries and would happily help you create an entry, designed for success!

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