From Ace Oil Tools to Ace Well Technology

Ace Well Technology 2023

Ace Well Technology was founded in 2012 and is a leading global innovator that specializes in creating downhole products for the energy sector. Their flagship product, the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC), helps customers enhance their operations, regardless of the type of well.


Ace Oil Tools wanted to move beyond their existing addressable market, within Oil and Gas. Their technology is suitable for a wide variety of well applications, including CCS and Geothermal wells, therefore they planned to refocus their strategy and diversify into other areas. To do this, they needed to move away from their “oil” heritage and reposition themselves in a broader way to reflect their offering in the wider energy sector. Although they wished to reposition, they also didn’t want to lose the brand recognition they have successfully built over the last 10+ years. Their Ace “swish” and distinctive pink being non-negotiators! As a long-standing client of Project Neon, the Ace team turned to us to assist with this task.

Although we knew the Ace team, capabilities and offering, we had a discovery session to learn more about their strategic shift. We discussed their requirements for the repositioning and outlined a plan for how to address it.

It was agreed that the company name would change from Ace Oil Tools to Ace Well Technology, to reflect the suitability of their products in the wider “well” market. In addition, the name shifts the focus from tools to technology, which better reflected their innovative capabilities.

A new name also meant a new logo. Evolving the known and well-established Ace logo with a cleaner font and incorporation of the new name, while keeping the pink and the “swish”.

A critical aspect was also the overall messaging. We needed to ensure that the company extended its messaging to support the energy transition and wider markets, while also maintain the core value focused messaging that was contained in their narrative. This included evolving their core tagline, moving away from “a holding force in downhole technology” – which felt too synonymous with oil and gas.

Once new visual assets and messaging were signed off, we then had to look at how this would be rolled out within the company. This started with a brand audit – a process where we identify the change process that would need to take place because of a rebrand. From this identification, we worked with Ace to prioritise the areas of change and ensure, that in a phased manner, their evolution would be carried out.

A primary area of consideration was the company website. The new name required a new URL purchase and with new market verticals needing to be addressed we took a fresh look at the website structure, design and content.


Ace Well Technology was born.

This full brand evolution required us to update all aspects of their identity and communication.

We evolved their messaging, focusing on their key value proposition: “Applying holding force downhole”. From this we evolved all their messaging and developed broader market communication. Including a completely new, updated website.

We also took the outcomes and priorities from the brand audit and developed all the new material the company needed, including:

  • An updated website
  • PowerPoint template
  • Business card template
  • Word templates
  • Business card template
  • Sales literature
  • Banner stands
  • Internal posters
  • LinkedIn templates and imagery

It was also important to communicate the change to market. So, we helped Ace share their news through:

  • Writing & issuing a press release to media
  • Writing and publishing a news article on the company website
  • Create and share an announcement on LinkedIn
  • Draft letters to customers and suppliers

Ace now have a brand which reflects the company’s ambition to offer their technology across the entire spectrum of the energy industry. The new brand went live in January 2023 and by the end of that year, the company projections showed that they on target to double their revenues from 2022.


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