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Fishbones 2024

We operate as Fishbones marketing & communications team. From exhibitions, LinkedIn, website content, infographics, animations, you name it, we’ve got them covered.


Fishbones contacted us back in 2019, as they had a desire to increase their marketing activity but didn’t have the requirement, or desire, for an in-house resource. They needed to ensure that all their marketing activity – from LinkedIn, exhibition attendance, website content, press and media and more was all delivered on time and on budget. They also recognised that a modern marketing team has a wide range of skills and capabilities and they wanted to be able to access this range of expertise. Overall, they wanted professional marketing support through a consistent, yet flexible solution.

We offer ongoing marketing support, becoming a trusted pair of hands for all things marketing and communications related. We work directly with the Fishbones team, operating as an extension to their business.

Fishbones have a dedicated Key Account Manager, who is also supported by our Team Lead. They operate as the day-to-day contacts for Fishbones and the Key Account Manager is the first point of contact for the client.

The Project Neon Fishbones team, ensure that all their marketing activity is planned and executed as required. Although the Key Account Manager is the main contact, Fishbones has access to the full Project Neon team. Meaning they can leverage the full range of skills within the company, dialling in the broader teams skills such as design and PR & media. In addition, the team also work with third party suppliers, if required, to ensure delivery of specific work.

As a result, Fishbones have a full marketing and communications team at their disposal, with the ease of a consistent Key Account Manager, who “pulls in” other members of the team, or suppliers, as needed.

To ensure we stay connected with Fishbones and take the time to talk “big picture”, we have monthly meetings with the Fishbones team. These give everyone the opportunity to discuss what’s happening within the business, give input and suggestions and identify priorities.

Practically we have a set number of days per month, which we commit to Fishbones, to ensure that activity is delivered consistently and proactively.


We have been delivering ongoing marketing and communications support to Fishbones since early 2019.

Over the years we have supported Fishbones with their full range of marketing and communications requirements. From ongoing LinkedIn company page content and management, to press releases, features, ESG communication, event organisation, event communication webinars, website content, technical drawings, animations and much, much more…!

If Fishbones have had a marketing or communication requirement then we’ve delivered it.

We are proud of our ongoing partnership with the Fishbones team.


Ongoing support

“Whether it’s taking input from us or bringing ideas to the table, the Project Neon team are proactive and continuously delivering. Fishbones are really pleased with the quality of work, and the good collaboration we’ve had over the years. We’d all recommend using Project Neon to any company looking for ongoing marketing support.“

Thomas Jørgensen
SVP Global Sales, Marketing & Application Engineering

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