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FourPhase 2023

FourPhase are an industrial technology company specialising in solids separation. Founded in January 2012 they have offices in Aberdeen, Bergen, Kuala Lumpur and Houston and employ approximately 90 people.


Following the launch of their new website (created by us!) FourPhase wanted to keep the site alive, regularly posting to support SEO. They also wanted to communicate the learning and understanding gained from over 11 years in operation. Helping their audience understand what they offer but in an informative, rather than “salesy” way.

With a focus on educational content, we create monthly insights articles for the FourPhase website. These content marketing assets are technically written in an accessible manner. They are not focused on FourPhase products specifically, instead they discuss and inform the reader on a relevant part of their offering.

To create this content, we have a 1-hour teams call with the most relevant member of the FourPhase team. During the call we ask the relevant questions to get the insight to draft the content. We share the draft with the FourPhase team who review, edit as needed and once signed off the content is published on the website.

We do this as ongoing monthly support. Ensuring FourPhase have regular, credible marketing content to publish on their website. Keeping it up to date and informative.


The FourPhase website now has a comprehensive bank of articles, located within the news section of the website. Content includes:

  • How solids management as a service positively impacts project economics
  • Leveraging data to enhance coiled tubing clean out
  • How a smart desander can aid sustainability goals

Once published online the FourPhase marketing team then also have strong content to share on their LinkedIn page, generating positive engagement on the platform.


Technical content creation
Monthly support

“Project Neon has been of great help in identifying and creating relevant, accurate content providing value for our customers and target audience.“

Olof Nilsson
Marketing Manager FourPhase

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