Acquisition driven brand evolution and an endorsed brand strategy


When CannSeal was acquired by Interwell, we helped both parties develop and execute a “part of Interwell” brand strategy and identity


Interwell are an international service company who take on well challenges to ensure enhanced oil and gas recovery from new to mature assets for global upstream energy companies. Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, they employ almost 500 people across the globe. In 2020, they acquired CannSeal, a Norwegian-based, technology-focused oil service company that has developed a proprietary annular isolation technology for enhanced oil recovery. Like many acquisitions in the energy sector CannSeal did not instantly adopt the Interwell brand but needed to re-establish themselves as “part of Interwell”. Since Interwell did not have a brand strategy for endorsed brands we worked with the CannSeal and Interwell teams to create one.

We spoke to the Interwell and CannSeal teams to understand the desired scale of brand integration. We then looked at both the CannSeal and Interwell visual identities and proposed 3 options for how Interwell could handle acquired brands in the future.

The CannSeal and Interwell teams selected their preferred route, which involved maintaining the original CannSeal logo and integrating “part of Interwell” into a new format. The colours and typefaces were also reviewed and made more connected. This ensured that when CannSeal needed to sit within the Interwell portfolio (for example during an exhibition) it would enhance the visual connection.


With a new endorsed brand strategy created Interwell now have a solid framework which can be (and has been) applied to other acquired companies.

We delivered new brand guidelines for CannSeal, giving them a clear framework and guidance on how to update their visual identity to be “part of Interwell”.

We also operated as CannSeal’s ongoing marketing support team, meaning we helped them roll out the updated identity across their assets, including updating their website.

The final outcome was Cannseal’s integration into Interwell in line with the agreed strategy… and a new endorsed brand strategy for Interwell to apply to any future acquisitions.

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Website design
  • Template design

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