Making noise at ONS


To demonstrate the capabilities of their wired pipe technology, Reelwell wanted to make some noise at ONS 22. We supported them with full exhibition management.


Reelwell decided they wanted to showcase their wired pipe technology at ONS 2022. They booked an outdoor stand to give them the space and freedom to make some noise! They also had a space within the Innovation Norway stand and wanted to drive traffic between the two locations. To make this happen, they required full exhibition management and support.

We had a briefing meeting with Reelwell to discuss what their goals were for the event and their ambitions for the outdoor stand. Since their wired pipe technology can transmit power through a pipe, they had an idea to connect an electric guitar to one end and a speaker at the other, meaning live guitar sessions through the day to demonstrate the power transmission capabilities of the pipe!

To enable this concept, we logistically planned the 12x3m footprint of their outdoor stand and contacted ONS and neighbouring stands to ensure everyone was happy for some tunes! From a practical perspective they also wanted a large TV screen, furniture, and a small demo model showing the internal workings of their pipe. Clearly the practical layout also had to consider branding, incorporating exhibition stands, already owned by the company, as well as some newly acquired signage to make their presence known!

With prominent locations both inside and outside the show, we wanted to encourage traffic between the two stands, so created a flyer giving clear guidance and information. Giveaways were ordered from visitors and screen presentations created for each location. Full catering was also arranged for the outside stand, with drinks receptions planned for the afternoon of each day.

From a communication perspective, we executed a comprehensive pre-during-post event communication plan from August through early September, across different comms channels to maximize the awareness of Reelweel presence at the event. During the event we also captured video footage and created a short montage to capture the event highlights, that we used for subsequent updates.


Take a look at the video video and see!

In a short timeframe we supported Reelwell with their full exhibition management. Bringing a musical concept to life and ensuring their attendance at ONS was carefully planned, executed and communicated.


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