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We operate as TCO’s marketing team and part of that includes maintaining weekly content on their LinkedIn page.


For company pages on LinkedIn consistency is key. However, generating content ideas, drafting the content, producing visuals and managing the page is time consuming and often challenging for companies to facilitate inhouse. As a result, TCO asked us to take charge of their LinkedIn presence.

We take a proactive approach to LinkedIn, making sure that client content is drafted one month in advance. To enable this, we follow this process:

  • Have a monthly meeting with our client to get the latest news, input and ensure we are all clear on the page direction
  • We originate ideas for each post, in this instance 2 x posts per week
  • Post content is drafted, including relevant opportunities for tagging and hashtags
  • Supporting visuals (stills, carousels, infographics or videos) are created for each post
  • Once the monthly plan is populated, we send it to TCO for review, feedback and we edit accordingly
  • Once the plan is signed off, we schedule the posts, or make note of necessary “at the time” requirements i.e. a photo from an event
  • We ensure all content is published, as planned
  • Engagement is monitored and, where appropriate, we like or comment, or alert TCO to comments which would benefit from direct outreach

This monthly execution is also supported by quarterly reports, where we review the analytics to gain insights. Through this input we learn and adapt the company content to suit their audience.

Our proactive approach has paid off, leading to impressive results. Over the past 157 days (roughly 5 months), TCO gained 380 followers with a 30.5% increase in engagement.

In the past year, TCO saw an increase of 750 new followers, generating 4,121 reactions, 70 comments, and 135 reposts from 6/11/2023 to date (11/06/24). This high level of engagement, totalling 11,838 interactions, indicates strong audience interaction. The steady growth reflects the effectiveness of our proactive management in maintaining and growing the audience’s interest.


We have been delivering ongoing LinkedIn page management for TCO, as part of our wider marketing support, since 2022. In that time, we have:




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