Launching a new product to market

TGT 2023

TGT create powerful diagnostics that help oil & gas wells perform better and last longer, while protecting people and the planet. The company has over 22 global offices, with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE.


TGT were planning the launch of their latest acoustic platform, ChorusX, a new diagnostic resource specifically designed to locate and characterise flow in oil and gas wells. For the launch of the product to market they wanted a creative campaign which would help them convey the value of ChorusX in a distinctive way. The creative had to clearly align with TGTs well-crafted brand identify, helping to reinforce it further through their technology platforms. The final asset would be used across social media platforms and on their website. In addition, they wanted to clearly communicate the launch to the industry through a well-positioned press release. They required global media distribution and media monitoring to assess the distribution and reach.

The TGT brand team had identified 3D animation as the medium for the launch asset. We worked alongside 3D animator, Peter Sunna and Creative Director, Ian Haughton and the internal team to create a short 3D asset which captures the acoustic nature of the technology in a new, powerful, dynamic way.

We then aligned the short, animated launch sequence with a series of ChorusX messaging to create 4 different versions for social media use.

To support the animated content, we also developed the post copy for the supporting LinkedIn posts. All of this was supplied to the TGT brand team in advance of launch, so that it could be integrated into their wider ChorusX launch plans.

From the animation a series of stills were generated and supplied to the TGT brand team for incorporation into sales material and for use as graphics at future events.

From a media perspective, we helped TGT finalise the press release they had drafted to ensure it was media ready and prior to launch this was issued to global media, under embargo, so that it was published on the day of release.

Our media team then followed up with phone calls with journalists to secure pick up within key publications and aim to secure wider opportunities.


This was the first adoption of 3D animation as a medium for TGT, giving the company a new communication method to enhance and evolve their brand. From the animation a series of still 3D assets were created, enabling the TGT brand team to integrate 3D into static brand assets, such as brochures and exhibition stands. Overall, the creation of the short 3D sequence created a new visual approach, extending the well-recognised TGT brand into the 3D environment.

The press release generated:

  • 15 pieces of coverage across a range of global industry publications
  • 847.5K accumulative impressions
  • A total advertising value equivalent (AVE) of 21.2K USD.

On the back of the release, we were also able to secure a feature in Oilfield Technology magazine.

We worked closely with the internal TGT brand team throughout this process, creating a strong collaboration to ensure a cohesive and connected launch.


Transform Awards 2024 MEA Winner – Silver
Best visual identity from the oil, gas, mining, and extractives sector


Product launch support
3D animation development
3D image stills for event use
Social media content – written and visual

“The launch of our ChorusX brand marked an important milestone for TGT and our customers, so it was critical that we got this right. We wanted to build awareness quickly and hit the market with distinctive brand assets that reflected the innovation and power of this breakthrough technology. Building on previous successful launches, we wanted this launch to be the best yet.

Project Neon understood and embraced our ambition from the outset, assembling a ‘dream team’ to create the perfect launch material that would elevate our brand to the level it deserved. The ensuing collaboration was efficient, extremely rewarding, and lots of fun. The outcome was equally impressive. Since the launch we have enjoyed tremendous uptake of ChorusX across all our markets as it continues to impress customers, and we believe the brand assets we created together continue to drive sales.“

Ken Feather
Chief Marketing Officer, TGT

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