Ongoing support

Consistency is a core ingredient to growing your brand.

Yet, it’s sometimes a difficult component to deliver. That’s where we step in.

We specialise in delivering ongoing flexible support.

Whether your organisation is too small to justify an in-house resource, or your existing team needs a trusted “boost” in a particular area. We give our clients an alternative way to resourcing their marketing & communications function – completely aligned to their budget and goals.

How do we do this?


To add value to our clients and do our job effectively we need to understand the business. As a result, we always have a 2-3 hour workshop with key stakeholders in the company and ask a range of questions to give us the insights we need.

We also do a competitor analysis to understand the broader market and how we can differentiate our clients in their competitive landscape.

As part of this process, we can conduct a marketing audit, to assess the current marketing assets – how and what they are communicating. From this, we identify quick wins or more fundamental change requirements.


Armed with more knowledge we create a plan and define what needs to happen doing forward. This can be aligned to a client’s budget, or requirements, or it can be a full “blue sky thinking” plan.


For an agreed monthly cost, we deliver your marketing & communications needs. This can be based on agreed monthly deliverables or it can be completely flexible, evolving as the business requires.


A key part of our success is our connection with our client. Through regular communication and monthly meetings, we strive to stay well informed. This enables us to be both reactive and proactive. We also maintain an analytical overview of the work we do and use data to refine the work we deliver.

“We are proud of our Norwegian roots but we are an international company. That’s why we like working with you. Because you’re an international team, who understand how to communicate to a global audience.”

Eirik Renli
CEO, Fishbones AS

“Thank you for being so responsive, I don’t know what we’d do without you. It’s good to know that our marketing efforts are secure in your hands.”

Henriette Bringsvor
VP Global Sales, TCO

“The Project Neon team are great at helping us identify and create relevant, accurate content which delivers value for our customers and target audience.”

Olof Nilsson
Marketing Manager FourPhase

Ongoing support

An alternative way of resourcing marketing support
An alternative way of resourcing marketing support

We operate as Fishbones marketing & communications team. From exhibitions, LinkedIn, website content, infographics, animations, you name it, we’ve got them covered.

Consistent LinkedIn support
Consistent LinkedIn support

We operate as TCO’s marketing team and part of that includes maintaining weekly content on their LinkedIn page

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