Brand & Strategy

We can help you unlock your brand’s potential with audits, insights, messaging, and go-to-market strategies that resonate with your audience.

Audits and insights

Looking for an unbiased view on your brand? An audit can uncover weaknesses, hidden opportunities and identify quick wins. Get actionable insights to fine-tune your marketing direction and stay ahead in a dynamic market. Equally, if you’re looking for a clear snapshot of how your competition are going to market then we can take an objective view and give you the insight.

Brand strategy

Is it time for change or update? If you want to redefine your brand then we create a solid foundation that defines your brand strategy. This underpins your wider marketing efforts, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.


Are you all singing off the same sheet? Is your brand narrative confused? Or are you struggling to clearly communicate the complexity of what you do? We can shape your narrative, creating a clear connection with your audience through compelling and authentic messaging.

Marketing strategy and plans

What is the right formula for success? We help you assess the competitive landscape, identify your USP and create a strategic roadmap which you can implement internally or with in collaboration with us.

Product marketing

Do you have a premier product which you want to elevate? Do you want to distinguish a certain aspect of your product portfolio? From naming, to product brand identity, we can help you develop the right product brand strategy and approach.

Brand or product launch

Map out a clear and effective launch plan. Whether it’s a full corporate rebrand, which needs to be rolled out, or a specific product launch, which needs to reach a targeted audience, we ensure a well structured, planned and activated launch.

Looking for more integrated support?

Build the ultimate connection and work with us on an ongoing basis, at a set monthly cost, based on your own business needs.

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Brand & strategy

Bringing back a known name with a new look
Bringing back a known name with a new look

A new visual identity for Ocean Installer as they reclaimed the name and their position as a global marine construction contractor.

From Ace Oil Tools to Ace Well Technology
From Ace Oil Tools to Ace Well Technology

We helped our client Ace reposition to reflect their entry and capabilities in the wider energy sector.

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