PR & Media

Build your reputation, craft your brand narrative, and enhance your digital footprint through strategic communications.

Press releases

We can help you identify and develop compelling press releases that ignite interest, ensuring your brand’s story captivates the media and your audience. 

Media distribution

It’s one thing to write a release, it’s another to get it picked up by the media. We have strong relationships with all our major sectors publications. We take a personal approach to media distribution, “selling in” your story to maximise uptake and amplify your brand’s message internationally.

Media monitoring

Get results and insights from your media activity. We use the latest tools to track and analyse media coverage, keeping your brand in the spotlight and giving you clear analytical results. 

Feature writing

Develop your company reputation as a thought leader, educate your audience and elevate your band narrative with expertly crafted feature articles that create lasting connections with your audience. 

Award submissions

Get recognised for great work and boost your credibility with meticulously prepared award submissions, showcasing your brand’s excellence and work well done. Fantastic for increasing brand value both internally and externally. 

Media training

Prepare your team to shine in the media spotlight. We deliver workshops specifically designed with your needs in mind. Whether your sales team or C-suite we give you tips for developing confident and impactful connections with your audience.

Emergency preparedness

Do you know how and when to communicate in a crisis? Through emergency preparedness we help you evaluate your communication needs and devise tactics for ensuring your brand maintains its chemistry, even in challenging times. These are the plans you never want to use but know you should have. 

Event communication

Communication is a vital component of any event. Pre-event communication ensures that your audience know you’ll be present, during event communication highlights your brand / stand and post event communication provides longevity, even once the event doors close. In addition, you strive to gain exposure through media relations. We can help enhance your event attendance with strategic communication.  

Looking for more integrated support?

Build the ultimate connection and work with us on an ongoing basis, at a set monthly cost, based on your own business needs.

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PR & Communications

Launching a new product to market
Launching a new product to market

To support the launch of their ChorusX technology, we developed a launch animation, created social content and managed the media announcement for TGT.

Developing product presentations
Developing product presentations

In the run up to the launch of their PACU product, we developed sales presentations for IMENCO and supported them with a media launch.

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